Doc Bozi Dar – Career Acceleration Formula

Doc Bozi Dar – Career Acceleration Formula 3.5 out of 5 based on 22 ratings.

Introducing: Career Acceleration Formula: An Online Training Featuring a Proven 6-Step Formula to Rapidly Accelerate Your Career, Land a Big Job Promotion and Boost Your Salary. Say “Goodbye” to Career Stagnation and “Hello” to a VIP Career.

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Bozi Dar is a senior executive and career mentor to Fortune 500 professionals. After struggling to advance his own career, he discovered a simple 6-step system which landed him 6 major promotions in just 6 years and boosted his salary 15 times.

A six-step formula created by Bozi Dar that will help you accelerate your career. About Bozi Dar. Bozi Dar is a career adviser and the author of the #1 bestselling book, ‘Promoted: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula to Reach the Top’. He created the Career Acceleration Formula after having struggled for years to advance his own career.

Inside the Career Acceleration Formula, Bozi shares eight most common mindset blockers that, when addressed, can unlock the potential for your career success. My favourite one is “You are the product”, where he explains how and why you are viewed by the company you work for (and any other company) as a product and how you can leverage that knowledge to make yourself irreplaceable in your company and your industry.

Bozi Dari's 6-step Career Acceleration Formula helped his career success as a Fortune 500 senior executive and get promoted 6 times in 6 years, increasing his salary 15 times.