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Interfaccia PC: USB, 1.1 . Di seguito lo schema di funzionamento come proposto da G6LVB. Sull’onda del successo del Fun Cube Dongle è stato realizzato successivamente dalla polacca Microsat un "clone" con caratteristiche simili, chiamato easySDR reperibile ad un costo di circa 80 euro. Il clone e’ sempre basato sul tuner Elonics e4000 e su di una interfaccia audio.

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The photographs of the weapons cache were posted by, a local news website with likely associations with HTS, on the 3rd September. HTS or Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham are a Sunni rebel militant group sometimes referred to as al-Qaeda in Syria.

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They then found more pieces of the historic weapon – a Thompson M1A1 that had been submerged in the water for years. Still from the video. The family – who post their amazing finds on YouTube and Facebook under the name Blazing Magnets – first started magnet fishing around a year ago in the canals across Coventry and Warwickshire.