May Sandra Ingerman – Shamanic Journeying For Guidance And Healing Part 2

May Sandra Ingerman – Shamanic Journeying For Guidance And Healing Part 2 5 out of 5 based on 15 ratings.

The Boulder Psychotherapy Institute (BPI) has been training therapists and graduate students in Applied Existential Psychotherapy (AEP) and Gestalt Therapy since 1989. AEP interlaces the insights of contemporary existential and psychodynamic approaches with techniques inspired by Gestalt and other experiential therapies. Jungian and expressive arts orientations may be included in some workshops.

Shift Network: Sandra Ingerman – Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing – part 2 – Shamanic Practices for Collective Blessings and helping others . I have learned and continue learning huge amount from amazingly talented Imelda Almqivst. I have assisted Imelda on a 2017/18, 2 year Intensive Shamanic Practitioner Course she taught in.

Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing Part Two with Sandra Ingerman Shamanic Journeying for Community Healing How Shamanic Practices Can Heal Families, Communities and Nations A Free Virtual Event Featuring Shamanic Teacher Sandra Ingerman

In The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying special online event, one of the most respected teachers of shamanism, Sandra Ingerman, will advance your understanding of shamanic journeying, helping spirits, territories in the hidden realms and how to enter non-ordinary states.

With Experiencing the Shamanic Journey Sandra Ingerman invites you to learn this transformative practice for healing, insight, and awakening. If you’re ready to embark upon your own journey into the world of spirit, there’s no better teacher to help you get started.

Become conscious of your mythic edge.

the larger story that wants to be lived through you. Discover how to open to synchronicities, receive guidance, and uncover the wisdom and magic that’s all around you whenever you need it.

In this FREE online talk, Sandra Ingerman, one of the most respected teachers of shamanism, will show you how to travel to hidden non-ordinary realms and meet with helping spirits who can provide healing and guidance. Through shamanic journeying you will meet a variety of allies, such as power animals, guardian spirits, teachers, ancestors.

In the times ahead, tapping into shamanic wisdom will be essential for us all — it roots us in the earth, in nature, and in the higher dimensions of our consciousness, giving us a calm center and the capacity for clear, steady action in times of crisis. It also gives us specific skills and tools to foster individual and collective healing.

Sandra Ingerman, MA, is the author of 8 books, 7 CD programs and the creator of Transmutation App. She is a world renowned teacher of shamanism and has been teaching for over 30 years. She teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods.

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