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She has an English degree and two Fine Arts degrees from the University of Washington.

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While my thoughts on SEO Zen weren’t positive, I continued to scour the internet for more products and through my searches found more of Alex’s stuff, namely: ROI Optimization. Source University. Source Phoenix. I didn’t like that many of these programs were very expensive and that I was seeing a lot of different products from Becker.

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Alex Becker is at it again creating Source University, set to release in February 2015 with partner and developer Gregory Ortiz. Alexander Becker said I can spill the beans on this one. Source University will be a beginner to intermediate SEO training membership source lead by myself and Mr.Ortiz.

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Alex Becker – Source University Free Download 3.5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. To get these veggie-filled treats, go to the Watercourse Foods website and download. source for clean, paleo and lifestyle.

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Although Source Wave University by Alex Becker is a legitimate program, we don’t find it as the best program which can help you to start your online business. However, we definitely don’t mean Source Wave is a scam or Alex Becker is a scammer.