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Also on the call today are Raj Kalathur, our Chief Financial Officer; Cory Reed, President of Deere Financial; Ryan.

up approximately 4% which includes a negative currency impact of about two point.

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"It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the bottom three that we currently have are the bottom three we end up with." Wilson expects a more.

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Most years, the buzz leading up.

mirror as we see ourselves in the stories and characters we love, spanning different cultures, times and even worlds. This year’s Academy Awards has been dominated.

The supporting actress race (made up of Regina King, Amy Adams, Maria de Tavira, Emma Stone, and Rachel Weisz) is wide open, and so is the biggest prize of the night, best picture. While we await what.

Scenes actors wanted cut from the movie – As a result, he’s had a number of interview subjects demand to have their segments cut (sometimes successfully, as was the case with a recent interview he conducted with former Republican Vice Preside.