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Herbal Risings Budtending 101 course is designed for dispensary-bound students who want to become a budtender. This is a 6 unit course which covers both core and advanced patient care concepts like budtending, plant classification, dosage and administration, cannabis medicine types, therapeutic effects, and common ailments.

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Herbal Medicine for Women (Correspondence Courses Available) Aviva Romm, MD, CPM, Herbalist. PO Box 85. West Stockbridge, MA 01266. avivaromm.com. Herbcraft. Jim McDonald. 4535 Jozwik Dr. White Lake, MI 48383. www.herbcraft.org. HerbMentor, by LearningHerbs (Online Herbal Community and Courses) www.herbmentor.com. Maryland University of.

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Over 30 online courses covering subjects like alternative medicine, crystal therapy, herbalism, yoga, meditation, energy healing and aromatherapy.

It’s not the same Western Herbal Medicine Diploma or Degree I tend to come across. Since most Herbology readers are not interested in a career in herbs, it’s nice to see courses that are quite short. You can study online, by correspondence or via e-learning from anywhere in the world.

The pre-requisite for this course is either The Herbal Medic Basic online course, HMA’s Herbal , or an equivilent foundation herbal medicine course from an approved school. COURSE DETAILS. Live classes are Sunday evenings, 7 to 9 pm central time. All classes are recorded and archived with class materials on the online classroom.

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Online Herbal Medicine Making Course.

The Herbal Medicine Making Course gives you the know-how to create an abundant home apothecary. You’ll receive 12 videos, 38 lessons, and over 100 herbal.

This online course is a comprehensive herbal medicine making learning program which forms the foundation for becoming the family herbalist. The art and craft of making herbal remedies is all about using the best method and the best solvent to extract the health giving properties of a specific herb.

The Intermediate Herbal Course is your online doorway into the wild and wonderful world of plant medicine. Our intention for this self-paced herb course is to help you take the next step in learning how to integrate a holistic approach to wellness into your life .

The Hohokam: Canal Masters of the American Southwest – Fascinatingly, excavations of food processing sites at Nogales revealed the usage of plant based foods and herbs as medicine.

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